Stride Leggings (by Greenstyle Creations)

I have sewn since 1976 and this is my first pair of Greenstyle Strides. I am aware that making leggings with a top coverstitch is a learning curve and requires patience and I’m sharing (what I feel is my failure) to inspire anyone afraid to sew their own leggings.

I have owned this pattern (link below) for months and never sat down to use it until last night. I laid out my fabric that I purchased during Black History Month to finally try. To ensure a clean cut, I opted to use my rotary cutter instead of my scissors. I read and re-read the instructions, aligned pieces and pinned carefully feeling determined. I then thread my serger and was ready to go!

Then “stupid Tracy” debated whether to include a top coverstitch using my Brother 3550CV knowing that I just might ruin this hard to find fabric. Smart Tracy said “You’re not Nike, don’t do it!”. However, I had to ask myself why did I purchase this machine after hours of sampling and cataloging various settings and fabric swatches? That thought made me use a top cover on my serged seams after I pressed them to the side.

So…they’re done….I can’t wear them in public because they look like a child’s HomeEc project.

Did I screw up? Yes

Am I disappointed? No because I elected to do this with the understanding that if I never truly use the top cover attachment on my Brother 3550CV then this machine is a waste of my time. Initially, I decided to use a triple (needle) reverse cover so that the beautiful stitch that shows on the inside (prettier than the top cover) shows on the outside. Well that was an epic fail because my seam alignment was off in one area. Plus I should have switched to my clear foot for better visibility and was better off using the top cover attachment. Once done, I wasn’t proud of my workmanship but proud of my accomplishment if this makes sense. (I tried and completed the task)

Were there any modifications? I added a waistband pocket similar to my Fabletics 365’s.

Would I sew it again? Yep because losers quit and my mama didn’t raise losers! So this pair will be my gardening, sipping wine on my deck leggings given that the stitch is jankey.

Could I have sewn a decorative topstitch on my sewing machine that would have made the leggings for public wearability? Yep, however my goal was to try the Brother 3550cv top cover on 4 way stretch garment that wasn’t repair work ( aka “the stinking top cover attachment 🤣”)

Difficulty: None whatsoever. I’m so sure of this, that I feel that I can teach my daughter and niece how to make this and they will be extremely proud of their work. However, one word of caution is that if you elect to use the upper/lower panel for side pockets, ensure that you place the upper pocket on the correct side of the lower pocket and baste. Basting permitted the fabric to lay evenly prior to sewing all three layers of fabric together on my serger.

My failure only encourages me to try again because they fit PERFECTLY with no adjustments given that I have zero curves that required grading.

So in closing, do not be discouraged to sew leggings especially those like me who spend several hundred on Fabletics. If you’re not ready to coverstitch, leave the seam as is or use a decorative top stitch on your sewing machine until you perfect your top cover skills on your cover stitch machine

Smooches 💋

Reverse triple top cover is awesome IMHO
Side pocket deep enough for my iPhone XIII Pro Max
They aren’t perfect but they sure are cute and comfortable even in the crotch and booty!


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