McCall’s 7836 – Style B in French Terry

When you hear the term terry in regard to fabric, you may remember terry diaper covers or towels. However, there are different variations of terry: terry cloth (cotton), French terry, bamboo terry and so on. I purchased a few yards of French terry in 2020 out of curiosity. With over 150 patterns at the time, I could not decide which pattern would do it justice. Often, I would take it off the shelf, stare at it as if it had the ability to tell me what it wanted to be and put it back. Well ladies and gentlemen, I decided!

French terry from

On Friday, I pulled out McCalls 7836 and thought that Style B would workn(See 2/21/21 where I made Style D) When it came time to cut, again, I was reluctant about this fabric and I pulled a different fabric off the shelf assuming that it would work. The later did not provide the drape that would have made the sleeves pop.

McCall 7836

When reading the instruction, and viewing the line art, I found it odd that the instructions called for double stitching. Because of the loose knit of French terry, I went with zig zag stitches on my Babylock Crescendo in lieu of a straight stitch and admit because I didn’t have dual needles,. Unfortunately sewing every seam twice felt like I made two garments! (In case you’re wondering, yes I ordered a dozen dual needles in various widths for my Crescendo for future reference). For the hem, I used a narrow dual stiych on my Brother 3550cv coversticth. (When your coverstich sews up pretty stitches, one cannot help but to stare at them and smile)

Outside: Narrow twin coverstitch using my Brother 3550cv
Inside: Narrow twin coverstitch using my Brother 3550cv

Initially, I thought it was odd that the front bodice piece was not on a fold however, I did it because I felt it would look better with this fabric (wrong)

If you know me, then you know that normally I’m not a fan of flowy or poof sleeves. My 9-5 requires me to be on the computer all day and I do not like anything obstructing my wrist or becoming a pretty Swiffer however this is really is an attractive top if I say so myself !

Finished garment

Modifications: I cut the front bodice on a fold

Would I make this again?: Yes, I would like this in a polka dot print

Difficulty: Easy (I recommend a twin needle)

If you purchase this pattern, please tag me @selflessseams (Twitter) or @SelflessSeamstress (Instagram)

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