Simplicity – Athletic Wear 8560 and 8561

In the last 4 years, I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on Fabletics. I do not regret it because Fabletics leggings are made with quality fabric and manufactured well. All have endured more workouts than my $59 Nikes and I now own an extensive collection. But I’m tired of giving them my money for matching sets….

Last weekend I continued to stare at this fabric that I’ve owned for 3 years. It’s vibrant, colorful yet for 3 years I refused to cut it until I found the perfect sewing pattern for it. (Lord knows that I wish that I could remember where I purchased it)

Instead of going the Greenstyle Creations route, I am determined to start using some of my paper patterns in my stash this year. Therefore, I decided on using two old Simplicity patterns (#8560 and #8561) to get some use out of them. Simplicity’s sizing normally doesn’t work well with my body type but given the 4 way stretch requirement I thought that this could potentially be a winner. Normally I must size up. Coincidentally, both patterns have been part of my stash for over 2 years.

Using complementary prints, the possibilities are endless using these two

Because the fabric is “busy”, I opted to not use my Maxilock Swirl thread or my coverstitch. This was made on my Babylock Crescendo sewing machine and am I really proud of the craftsmanship. My seams matched up perfectly and this is the first time that I did not make a garment in a day. I paced myself, basted as necessary and doublechecked my seam alignment.

This “intersection” in my
leggings crotch makes me proud
The seam alignment across the backside is on point!

The sports bra is (drumroll please) reversible and the leggings have pockets. I was looking forward to a sunny day to take photos outdoors but I’m so proud of this that I had to share it NOW!

Simplicity 8560 front
Simplicity 8560 side view
Simplicity 8560 back
Is this adorable or what???
Pockets on both hips large enough for my iPhone XIII Pro Max
The back of the sports bra is perfect for those workouts where perspiration is rolling down your back. No more sticky shirt

Modifications: I added swim elastic in the sports bra band for elasticity

Would I make this again?: (In my Eva Pigford voice) Girl!!!!!! (In the middle of making it, I ordered more fabric. Yes, yes, yes!

Difficulty: Easy IMHO. The sports bra cones in various styles. As long as you mark & notch your fabric you can do this too.

If you purchase Simplicity 8560 or 8561 pattern, please tag me @selflessseams (Twitter) or @SelflessSeamstress (Instagram)

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