The Noni Quilt

This quilt was an idea that came to mind a few months ago using East African jelly roll strips however it sat unattended. I lost my inspiration. I picked it up again last week and was in the midst finishing the top when I learned that my childhood friend Noni (Naomi Lee-Cooper), a dear friend since 1977-78 passed away as a result of COVID complications. This left me depleted. My entire chest ached for two days as if someone fired a cannon into it.

As children, Noni and I had similar tastes in music. She and her sister Cathy introduced me to Jimmy Castor Bunch and Parliament Funkadelic. I was an EWF (Earth, Wind & Fire) fan. However, we spent many days and nights over the years listening to music, singing into hairbrushes while doing our hair as Cathy yelled “SHUT UP!” before slamming her bedroom door. (Noni and I got a kick out of it.). Often, we ended up sitting on her bench or in the Sampson Ave park with this little red Panasonic take recorder for our mixtapes that we tucked into our back pockets along with money for the pizza shop or Bob the ice cream man. I have so many good and fond memories of Noni that I will always carry in my heart.

Once I pulled myself together, I resumed this quilt. Hands shaken, heart empty yet sewing is my therapy. I pushed through. I know that my seams are imperfect and my math was off that resulted in additional trimming. You see… people are imperfect, situations are imperfect, relationships are imperfect and Noni? Imperfectly perfect! I finished this morning and will call it The Noni Quilt.

I am so grateful that we found each other again as adults and resumed our friendship and I was able to say “I love you”.

Rest In Peace my sister friend. ❤️

Binding made from 2.5” strips from the backing fabric

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