Mens Dress Shirt Upcycle

My husbands wardrobe is pretty predicable. It consists of a lot of plaid dress shirts. Several months ago, I teased him that everything looks quite “lumberjack” or “home improvement”. One day, he returned from shopping at Macy’s and pulled his socks and jeans out of the bag including this shirt. I almost passed out

Original mens dress shirt

I was shocked that he picked up so different, whimsical and would go well with jeans and dress shoes or sneakers. However it sat in his closet. He kept mumbling “it’s too busy”. Eventually he tossed it in my sewing room and said “maybe you can make masks out of it”. This print is too pretty for face masks and it sat on the back of my chair for weeks.

This morning, I got an idea and took some measurements, cut the sides off and upscaled it to a feminine shirt

Proper shoulder, bust and waist measurement provides a custom fit
I love the side placket and how I have freedom to move around my hips

This is how I accomplished this:

  1. I basically measured the distance from L to R shoulder bone plus 3”
  2. Drew a line down from top to bottom of that width and cut curving slightly outward at the shoulder
  3. On each side, I pressed the fabric .25”. Then again at 1” (for placket seam)
  4. I measured the shirt from the inside placket fold
  5. Subtract this # from 1/2 my bust measurement and also my waist measurement. (It should result in a trapezoid if you’re built like Jessica Rabbit sort of rectangle if you’re like me)
  6. Measure the depth of my shoulder to under arm
  7. Then cut the leftover fabric (2 ea) to the measurements in step 5 and pressed .25”
  8. I then attached the leftover pieces under the arm where you measured in step 6 and pin to the inside fold
  9. Using a machine or coverstitch, sew all around the pressed in seam lines and voila!

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