Hi-Low Halter Dress – McCalls MP667

My late mother’s birthday was earlier this week. I recall when I was in my teens, my mother self-drafted a white dress for me that was long and free flowing in the back and hit my knees in the front. At the time, I thought it was pretty; yet weird. However, none of my 15 year old girlfriends had a similar dress. I did not comprehend why she made a dress with an uneven hemline but it made me feel pretty and I loved telling peoples “Yes, my mom made it!”. Fast forward, many years later, the Hi-Low hem returned. So in memory of my beautiful and talented late mother’s birthday, I used McCalls MP667 to make a dress that reminded me so much of halter dress that she made me with the flounce top.

Modifications: None

Would I make this again: Yes, this dress sews up pretty quickly. I envision my sons girlfriend in a beautiful print comprised of the colors of peacock eye feathers

Difficulty: I honestly think that I can instruct a newbie to make this


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