Keyhole peekaboo Blouse – Mccalls 7836

Why is it that I can sew a garment in under 2 hours then take a week to wear or post it? I will tell you why, I live in leggings and sweats. Getting dressed is a struggle for me no matter how many pretty pieces, that I own. I apologize for being a lazy house bunny and keeping you waiting

I purchased McCall 7836, a spring blouse pattern from Joanns about a year ago when on sale and like many others patterns, I filed it. Earlier this week, as I rummaged through my fabric, this soft ITY floral print spoke to me. I placed it on my cutting table and stared. Then I draped it across my body form and thought, “Sleeves”! A part of me wondered “What kind of sleeves?”. That’s when I pulled MP667 out of the archive.

This is a versatile top. You can dress it up with a nice pair of slacks or go for casual in khakis or jeans. The pattern has several sleeve variations in which I am sure that I will revisit. The bodice as you can see has a large front opening by design that can be an issue if you are a top heavy woman. Nevertheless, I sewed it as designed. This is what it looks like:

Modifications: None. I cut and sewed this as designed for a size 6 however, I will most likely sew the front about 1.5″-2″ higher from the bottom. This is a bit too deep for my taste.

Would I make this again: I will surely use the pattern to make a similar variation. given it takes about 90 minutes.

Difficulty: I would not say difficulty however, one should be aware that the pattern has markings and notches on the collar to ensure that the sleeves are properly aligned. Thank goodness for my body form that I was able to stand back, adjust and repin as needed.

If you buy the pattern, please let me know the results. I would love to share it here!

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