Challis Duster – Simplicity 8800

Sorry for the delay, If you know me, then you understand that I will sew in a three hours or less then take what seems like forever to show you the results. There use to be a time where I was dressed ready for any occasion, however once COVID hit, I don’t want to get dressed and I hate posing.

It’s no secret that I love, love, love Shaunie O’Neal’s wardrobe of dusters! They are bold, colorful, playful and always something to look forward to seeing her in.

Going through my stash last weekend, I remembered that I have this beautiful periwinkle floral challis fabric since 2019 that would be perfect for a duster. The color scheme would go well with just about anything. I love the drape and weight of challis in the spring and summer months and how it flows.

contemplated waiting to make this last Sunday because my main machine needed servicing. However, the sun was out, I heard laughter of my neighbors twins in the driveway and honestly that’s all that I need for motivation. I dusted off my Innovis, thoroughly cleaned it and then laid the fabric for cutting. This is when it got interesting. When I purchase fabric with no set project in mind, I default to a 3 yard purchase, given my size 6 frame. Lucky for me, the width was 60″ therefore, I had just enough fabric to cut pattern “D” (long robe) using Simplicity Pattern #8800.

When I attached the back to the front at the shoulders in the very beginning, I thought “Oh Lord, this is going to be too small”, but the shoulders actually drop a bit beyond my shoulder line by design and it is not tight across the back shoulders.

IMHO, it can be worn with a just about anything!

Setting the sleeves was simple for those who have a fear of sleeves, especially with fabrics that have no give such as challis. If you remember to make snips ~1″ around the curves to release the tension and you are good to go.

I serged the end of the sleeves and bottom of the duster, prior to to hemming,, allowing my serger trim areas of inconsistency in my jagged attempt to cut while enjoying a glass of Chardonnay and watching a movie. (Yes, I multitask when sewing!) Then, using a seam gauge, I carefully measured the hem at 1″ on both the sleeves and the hem of the duster before sewing a straight stitch hem

As you can see, I am quite please with how it turned out.

Modifications: I added side seam pockets because pockets make a woman love just about any garment with them

Would I make it again?: Yes. In varying lengths in sheer fabric. I may add fringe to a hip length version to give it a retro vibe 🙂

Difficulty: None

Note: This pattern consists of a robe, pants, a bralette.

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