Mood Fabrics – MDF233 Karri Top (Free Pattern)

I have been in my sewing room for 2 days working on a free digital pattern by Mood Fabrics, calked The Karri Top. I am super proud of this one, not because of the appearance but the technique (that I) used. The name, makes me smile because my friend of 40 years calls me Carrot Top to this day because of the loud (dyed) Clairol Flame Red hair that I rocked in the 80s.

This pattern consists of 7 pieces (front, back (l &r), sleeves, peplum and sash/belt). Cutting a size 8/10, required two (2) yards of fabric, hemstitching on the neckline, sleeves and peplum. Silk, IMHO works best when cut with pinking shears. Even washable silk tends to result in frayed seams in the wash. To prevent this, I took the advice of the pattern designer and opted on French seams. Often people will say that they feel like they are sewing the garment twice when using French seams. However, when you do, the result is a garment with clean, attractive yet professional looking seams. As I was finishing this up, I mumbled “Ooh my mama and Miss Kay-Kay (her BFF) are going to be proud of me!” Both, women inspired me to sew since I was an adolescent. Both made their daughters school clothes, play clothes, summer camp clothes and always stopped to explain technique when I was in grade school.

Okay I’m going left, back to Karri Top….

Double fold binding on the neckline. Yes, I know… it’s not matching silk

I only hemstitched the sleeves because they look like petals on a flower and I wanted them to flow softly. As I pinned it, I realized that the peplum could benefit from a bit of stiffness since I am using silk. Using double/fold bias tape the neckline and peplum in lieu of my 7mm hemmer foot made the difference that I wanted

I love the flow of the sleeves and the petal-like structure

As I turn this blouse inside-out I admiration of my (enclosed) French seams, matching button loop(cut open 1×3” piece of fabric -folded in quarters and pressed to make a loop) seeing no frayed seams, I am yelling Michelle!!!!!! Ya think my mom and Miss Kay would be proud?

Back neck opening
Side view

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