McCall’s 8099 Cargo Pants

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of slacks or pants at all. Since the beginning of COVID, I have lived in leggings. As the season changes, I decided to focus on casual pants, jeans and cargo pants now that I permanently work from home.

The first pattern that I pulled out of my stash is McCall #8099. This pattern is easy for those who have made pajama pants before given that it uses an elasticized waist. I am not a fan of elastic on my ankles so for the first pair, I opted for a crop fit. Elasticized ankles May later come in handy for hiking pants.

McCall 8099

Due to the color, you can’t see the detail however they host SIX (yeah six) pockets! Two on the rear, two jeans style front pockets and two cargo pockets

Features 6 pockets
Close up: Cargo large enough for four iPhone 14 Pro Max per pocket

This pattern can easily be accomplished in one sitting if you pay close attention to your notches, markings and iron, iron, iron! I recommend newbies initially try this pattern using a lightweight denim, cut the day before, create all of your notches and markings and sew on the following day. If necessary, sew over a few days so that you are not overwhelmed with the pattern instructions.

Please feel free to tag me when you sew up a pair!

3 C’s: comfortable, classy and casual

The cargo is so cute, I can’t stop admiring it.

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