McCall Sweater 8144 – Can I Call it Dressy Casual?

I sat down on Sunday to make McCall Pattern Company 8144. First of all I detest animal prints. Not because my husband hums the Golden Girls theme when he sees someone in it. It’s just not my style and doesn’t inspire me as other prints have, however I’m tired of my adult children referring to my wardrobe as predictable. Surely this would be a shocker.

Using a soft sweater knit (Fabtrends DTY Stretch Knit Animal Leopard Brown – Item 0696261) that I picked up from , I decided that the bell sleeves will bring out the beauty that my sister and niece see in leopard print. Seeing it, I do agree. This is the result.

Modifications: None

Would I make it again?: HECK YEAH? There are three different styles to this pattern!

Difficulty: None.

Just look at those sleeves and the drape

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