Sire’s Custom Baby Quilt

Recently, my daughter told me that her childhood friend (my neighbors grandson) was expecting his first child any day. Steven is not just my neighbors grandson, he’s like another son. I immediately rummaged through my stash to make something special for the baby however, I had no idea what to make.

Because “Sire” was due in a few days, I had little to no time to piece together a quilt; therefore, I took a different approach and used Disney themed fabric to sew a custom quick quilt. When finished, I used the remaining fabric to make a matching bunting. This was made with a standard zipper, allowing mom and dad to lay him inside, zip and secure him in his car seat or just for a stroll to grandmas.

I used the backing fabric to create binding strips that were cut on the bias
Sire’s matching bunting was lined in a warm fleece and is personalized inside. Again I used the Mickey fabric to bind it
What I love about this is when Steven notified me of Sire’s birth, the image that he provided derived from his hospital nursery ID containing his footprints. I used that to personalize the lining of his bunting

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