Chase’s Crib Quilt Set

My friend Nyeema is like a little sister to me. She became a grandmother in July, however, baby Chase had to stay in the hospital to build his strength up. As Chase room was bring prepared, Nyeema informed me that her daughter selected an adorable dinosaur theme.

Chase’s room

Using this theme, I texted her images of various fabric swatches to coordinate with his room. When one of the swatches caught her daughters eye, I immediately ordered this cozy flannel before it sold out. Lucky for me, it was ready for pickup in 24 hours. I was so ready t sew. I then asked Nyeema for Chase’s birth announcement info and embroidered it on quilt backing. Using the remaining fabric, I made a matching bunting. However, to not waste his embroidery sample, I made a memory box allowing her daughter to save items like his first pacifier, or hospital bracelet.

I was happy to squeeze in a matching big with a dinosaur theme.

I hope Chase like the beautiful colors of this warm flannel quilt and thank Nyeema for trusting my hands

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