Social Distance Stay at Home Wear – Simplicity R10717

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Please be safe in all that you do!

Just as everyone else, I have been working remotely (since Valentine’s Day weekend). However, this year I have not sewn much for myself with the exception of my birthday dress and a few masks. Due to social distancing restrictions, I am transitioning to loungewear because Fabletics has become my uniform. Quite frankly, I avoid the use of video during WebEx meetings and detest FaceTime because I find it intrusive and I don’t want to put on…yeah you ladies already know ….

First up is Simplicity Pattern R10717 in a peach minky fabric that is perfect for chilly nights. It features a hood, front pouch pocket and was a very easy pattern to work with.

I never made a garment using minky fabric and unfortunately after starting, I realized that a walking foot is definitely a must when working with it. I own my mistakes and refused to use a seam ripper to remove the bad stitches. After all; this isn’t a contest. It was made to lounge around the house in. To give you an idea of what stitches look like with and without a walking foot, I included a photo to demonstrate the top (regular sewing foot) of the hoodie pocket and the side stick (with a walking foot).

Big difference right? If this was for someone else or work wear, I would have used a seam ripper however, I just figured, relax and don’t stress over 6″ stitching. It’s loungewear! Minky (and velvet) can be “messy” therefore I decided to use my serger in lieu of my sewing machine giving my seams a “clean” look and will result in less fray when laundering.

Beautifully stitched.
If you do not own a server, check your sewing machine manual for overlock stitches as a substitute. You don’t need a serger but it’s a nice have

The only slight adjustment I made using this patter was the front neck and length of the joggers. Instead of matching the seams for the hood, I made it somewhat more snug on the neck because I’m always cold. Also, I did not want my leg cuff to slightly touch my slipper or socks therefore I cut it to the XL length for my 5’6” frame. This is the end result

I confess, that if I was 14, I’d probably would consider debating with my mother as to why I cannot wear it with Ugg’s to the mall LOL

Pictured: I wear opted for a medium because Simplicity small no longer fits me (For reference, I am 135lbs and 5″6)

Chase’s Crib Quilt Set

My friend Nyeema is like a little sister to me. She became a grandmother in July, however, baby Chase had to stay in the hospital to build his strength up. As Chase room was bring prepared, Nyeema informed me that her daughter selected an adorable dinosaur theme.

Chase’s room

Using this theme, I texted her images of various fabric swatches to coordinate with his room. When one of the swatches caught her daughters eye, I immediately ordered this cozy flannel before it sold out. Lucky for me, it was ready for pickup in 24 hours. I was so ready t sew. I then asked Nyeema for Chase’s birth announcement info and embroidered it on quilt backing. Using the remaining fabric, I made a matching bunting. However, to not waste his embroidery sample, I made a memory box allowing her daughter to save items like his first pacifier, or hospital bracelet.

I was happy to squeeze in a matching big with a dinosaur theme.

I hope Chase like the beautiful colors of this warm flannel quilt and thank Nyeema for trusting my hands

Sire’s Custom Baby Quilt

Recently, my daughter told me that her childhood friend (my neighbors grandson) was expecting his first child any day. Steven is not just my neighbors grandson, he’s like another son. I immediately rummaged through my stash to make something special for the baby however, I had no idea what to make.

Because “Sire” was due in a few days, I had little to no time to piece together a quilt; therefore, I took a different approach and used Disney themed fabric to sew a custom quick quilt. When finished, I used the remaining fabric to make a matching bunting. This was made with a standard zipper, allowing mom and dad to lay him inside, zip and secure him in his car seat or just for a stroll to grandmas.

I used the backing fabric to create binding strips that were cut on the bias
Sire’s matching bunting was lined in a warm fleece and is personalized inside. Again I used the Mickey fabric to bind it
What I love about this is when Steven notified me of Sire’s birth, the image that he provided derived from his hospital nursery ID containing his footprints. I used that to personalize the lining of his bunting