Non Traditional Diaper Bag

My hair stylist, the mother of three boys and  owner of “A Touch of Heaven Salon & Spa” in Bartonsville, PA , keeps my hair looking fabulous. Recently she told me that she is finally expecting a baby girl at the close of the summer. I’m inclined to believe that I’m equally excited because I have another little girl to sew for. 

This morning,  I found some fabric I had stashed and remembered that she said that she wants non-traditional baby items and thought “why not make a diaper bag for the fall?” Below are the results of a black and gold quilt bag that is embellished with gold metallic string.  Once I finish the rest of her baby items, I will post them. 
Oh wait….. I must schedule a hair appointment before she goes on maternity leave! 


Pocket fabric

Interior with 6 pockets in coordinating fabric for bottles, diapers, baby wipes, burp cloths. I love the flat bottom and coordinating colors.  

Close up up interior pockets and yes…my label. 

Side view  (flat bottom)


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