Pee Wee Fashion – Simplicity (New Look) 6360

Two weeks ago my husband and I were at one of our favorite restaurants in Easton, PA and a couple entered with their adolescent daughter who had on the cutest dress with godets (the triangular pieces of fabric to add flair to a skirt or dress) that caught my eye.

Throughout dinner I kept staring at this dress and smiled because something about the dress reminded me of Amelia, my neighbor Janine’s daughter.  Right then and there, I was inspired to sew!   You see, sewing is a feeling.  When inspiration hits you, you can’t hear, think or process anything else but how to manipulate fabric and guide it through the feed dogs. I had the perfect gingham at home and knew that I wanted to make this for Amelia.

The next day, I found @SewSimplicity New Look 6360 that is very similar to the little girls dress in the restaurant.  What you see here is the end result.

I finished the interfacing, washed the finished garmet on gentle (cold water) pressed it and just delivered it.  Gosh I hope that it fits!

Fabric: Gingham

Notions: one zipper, one hook and eye closure and lightweight interfacing for the arm and neck.
Difficulty: Easy

Modifications:   I hate hemming but I don’t mind hand sewing  other items (go figure) so I took the lazy route. Using my serger, I finished the raw edge .25″ because gingham frays and rolled the bottom once using a straight stitch.  For a 7/8 girls, this called for a 16″ invisible zipper for the back.  I could not find one so I used a 20″ and cut the end after stay-stitching.


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