Styla (Little Lizard King) Amsterdam

So I did a thing.

Last Friday, I selected the fabric and lining for Styla Amsterdam by Little Lizard King. I started sewing before I realized that I needed an invisible zipper. I made this before but for an infant therefore the zipper wasn’t required. I went online to order one quickly because, well…. It was less expensive to order online than burn gas to in effort to purchase one.

Somewhere along the line, I didn’t pay attention to the instructions and accidentally inserted the zipper to the back bodice and lining. It wasn’t until I put it on my dress form that I noticed that the zipper placement was noticeably wrong. So I made a date that evening with my seam ripper and carefully removed the zipper.

This morning, I aligned the zipper to the SIDE bodice and voila! I am proud that the straps do not look wonky and it’s lined. All that is left is the hem.

Open back

I even used the scraps to make a matching wristlet. ❤️

I will use every scrap of fabric if I can!

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