Christmas Advice – Don’t Buy Her Cheap Thread

If you’re gifting someone with a sewing machine this Holiday season, please do not buy them cheap thread. I know that bin near the counter looks like it’s too good to be true, filled with white and black thread to the brim.  It’s akin to findng a diamond in a pile of zircon.
When you understand the impact of cheap thread on a sewing machine you’ll thank me. It will suffice for hand sewn items but please avoid cheap thread for sewing machine use. Sewing thread, especially cottons, have a shelf life. Further, poorly spun, aged thread will dry rot and the fibers will cause machine problems due to loose fiber or repeatedly break in the needle or bobbin area.  So if the spools in the discount bin are dusty, there you go. Leave it there to collect more dust.

Cheap thread will lead to disappointment and the Sewist will think something is wrong with their machine.  This results in costly yet unnecessary sewing machine repair of $75 or more. Often it’s cheap thread.  Their needle will snap.  It’s cheap thread.  The stitches aren’t neat.  It’s cheap thread. Bobbie thread constantly tangles? It’s cheap thread.

Even if you buy her a Walmart sewing machine, pass on the cheap thread and invest in just 2-4 spools of quality thread.

– Smooches 💋<<<

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