Belted Tunic & Leggings – Simplicity (MimiG) 1019

When MimiG discussed the release of Simplicity pattern 1019, I knew that I wanted to sew this.  Like a Prince fan camped outside of the local Ticketmaster box office, I was READY on the release date.  I fell in love with the style and wanted an opportunity to successfully sew a Simplicity pattern in a day, especially something that I could wear to work or a night out with my girlfriends.  The belt, the buttoned shoulders and the slits on the side….SMH.  I had to have it!

Fabric:  navy and off-white medium weight double-knit (perfect for winter weather)

Modifications:  None.  I wanted to make this precisely as written.

Would I make it again?:  Most definitely! I knew when I purchased the pattern that I wanted two sets.  One long, pictured here in navy and white knit and one all off-white with a shorter pullover which I plan to sew this weekend.  In the winter, I love off-white knits.  The only difference, the next go round is make the leggings a size 8.  I am a normally a size 4/6 and cut my leggings in a size 6.  They fit perfectly unlike any leggings that I have purchased.  I washed them after sewing and they did not shrink in length or around the hips but I would like to know that I can pig out and not have to worry about the waist after a hearty meal.

Difficulty:  Zero difficulty.  This pattern was very easy to follow and took three hours from cutting to hemming.

DSC_0493   DSC_0488DSC_0495




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