The Joy of Twin Sewing Needles

I was introduced to sewing on my mothers black Singer machine in the 70’s. Based on the serial number back then, surely the machine was already 20 years old. The work area was illuminated by a single bulb that I swear to you was larger than outdoor Christmas tree lights. Obviously there wasn’t dual needles back then.

Here’s the thing, I love stretchy fabric. It breathes, it flows as a woman walks, it lays on your shoulders and hips like butter but I could not stand sewing it. My language made me portray a NYC Sanitation Worker as I threaten to €%#}£ Its &@%+! neck and throw it into the ?&@<#%!! wall. Today, I caved. I decided to use a dual needle, have a conversation with God and pray on it. My main machine is a Brother Innovis 1250D and I must admit, the dual needle was never used. Because I was attempting to make my daughter a jumpsuit (see previous entry) with a lightweight stretch knit, I didn’t want to screw it up.

Surely you are wondering “why would I need a dual needle?” I will tell you, your stretch fabrics are being bullied by your feed dogs so so why not make it less painful? A dual (or triple) needle sews parallel lines on the top of the fabric as it zig zags under into a single line. This process decreases the unwelcome tension that may occur when you sew knits fabrics and provides you with a professional, yet finished look.

The next time you are sewing knit, check your owners manual to find out if and what type of dual needle your machine supports. You will be surprised and happy with the results!

– Smooches 💋

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