Purple Reign – Burda 7065

Purple Reign – Burda 7065

Because I like well fit clothing, this year I’m making my birthday dress in a beautiful lightweight knit blended with Lycra. This is today’s first runner up. Lord knows I will make several more before my birthday but a lady needs options LOL

To make this dress, I used Burda 7065

Modifications:  Bust.  Come on, get real, I don’t need a lot a fabric to cover my Chicken McNuggets.  I continued stitching higher than the pattern marking for the bust to accommodate my size. 

Secondly, I’m not a fan of a-line skirts so I cut the fabric straight to hug my legs.  

Would I make it again? I already have.  Using this pattern I made a Kelly green blouse to go with a pair of pakazzo pants that I recently made (will post and review the pants pattern soon.). I will most likely make one in black using a bamboo knit.  A lady could always use a little black dress (wink-wink)
Difficulty:   Look, I’m just thick headed when it comes to patterns.  I admit that I am making a fair attempt to sew using patterns and stop making things by eye.  This actually was simple but I tend to overthink things even when I have instructions.  I tend to mumble “WHAT? That makes absolutely zero sense!”.  Watching me figure out  the first time  how to sew the neck/bust while mumbling and throwing the pattern instructions made me look like Jerry Lewis in the Nutty Professor.  It really can be done under 30 minutes.  The key is quality fabric and one that provides two way stretch.  I recommend ITY or bamboo knit. 


  1. Hi Tracy,

    I am looking to buy this pattern everywhere. Burda took it off their site and it’s impossible to find.
    Would you sell yours? Or even a copy? I need a size 10/12.
    It would go to Germany, I pay you the postal costs of course.
    Thanks for getting back to me.
    Kind regards from berlin,


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