My First Attempt at a Jumpsuit – Vogue V9116 

This morning, I sat down and attempted my first jumpsuit with a soft Handcock ITA knit fabric. Here are the results of Vogue V9116. I absolutely love this jumper! The pattern was easy to follow and can be accomplished under an hour if you pay attention to the instructions on lining the bodice and attaching the bodice to the pants.  The pants flow nicely and it are a comfortable fit.

Modifications: I added 2″ to the leg length to allow me to wear this with heels and removed several inches of elastic from the upper back because I have a narrow torso.

Would I make it again?  Heck yeah!!  If I wasn’t typing, I would be in my sewing room now.  I love the free flowing comfort in this.  I immediately tried it on for the photo and cannot wait to accessorize and wear it to a function.

A Little Something for My Daughter – @McCallPatternCo Vogue V9116

My daughter asked for gauchos and I cringed. I thought of something that would complement her frame. A summer flare legged sleeveless jumpsuit. With an Obi belt and cute wedges, I’m sure that she can rock it!

This was made using Vogue pattern 9116. Quick, simple pattern consisting of four pattern pieces (this is style “B”), elastic and a light jersey or lightweight knit fabric. You can dress it up with accessories, a cute pair of heels and a chic blazer or you can dress down with a pair of flip flops!

A Lil Something for Work – Vogue V9004

A Lil Something for Work – @McCallPatternCo Vogue V9004

I had a Dr’s appointment today. He was conveniently located next to the fabric store so I had to stop by and pick up some white gabardine to blend with some red that I had at home to make the blouse from Vogue v9004. This pattern is simple and requires an invisible zipper for the rear and interfacing for the arm and neck. Assembly is easy and its a comfortable bodice. It was the first handmade item that I wore to my current job and received over 5 complements.

Modifications: None

Would I make it again?: Yes! I’d like to try this with a print and solid fabric.

Difficulty: The only thing I ever fine “mumble-worthy” are zippers.  The pattern instructions and assembly were simple.