Women’s Bomber Jacket (Simplicity 8222)

This fully lined jacket was truly a labor of love. Made using Simplicity 8222, I actually did not have fabric in mind but fell in love with the fabric that I used for the lining and had to have it. That led me to a quest for fabric that complemented it for the jacket.

It features side pockets, rib knit cuffs and waistband with a faux buttoned belt embellishment on the back

I hope that my niece Nasariyah likes it

Skylar: Grandpa’s Greatest Blessing (Valentine’s Crib Quilt)

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was making a crib quilt for my childhood friends first grandchild.   I rarely free motion sew but the weather lately has been extremely cold.  This will ensure that she is warm. 

What better way to say Happy Valentine’s Day than present his little princess with a pink crib quilt ?

  Outer layer  Outer later

  Inside says “Skylar Grandpa’s Greatest Blessing”

 (Drumroll please)


Recycled Sweater

Do you know when you wash a waist length pullover sweater one time too many and the bottom becomes stretched out of shape? RECYCLE IT!! By attaching the last 5″ of my husbands button down shirts sleeves and 10″ from the bottom of the shirt, I created a completely different look. Now I have something super casual to wear with my skinny jeans and riding boots. Yeah I know….He will find out about his shirt when we get dressed.

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Custom Diaper Bag

Someone special is expecting and I missed the opportunity to sew for her first child.  What better way to surprise her with a custom diaper bag by The Selfless Seamstress?   Today my metal hardware arrived which permitted me to apply the finishing touches. Her she is:

The exterior is made out of duck cloth. The underside of the flap and straps are a solid  pink that complements the floral exterior.   In addition a magnetic flap closure was added. 

( My first time working g with a magnetic closure)
One of the things I love about the this bag is the water resistant interior that was made out of PUL (just in case a bottle isn’t closed properly.  In addition, I  included an adjustable slider (pictured above) so that she can set the desired strap length and a swivel ring in the to attach her car keys👍🏼 (or extra pacifier?)

(Yep! That’s my label.  Say my name dang it!  I can’t hear you.  Say it louder LOL)

The bag includes an exterior side pocket for mommys water bottle (or wine depending on how much the little one is crying on any given day) and one large exterior pocket big enough for her MacBook or magazines/papers to grade.    

This bag was CHALLENGING to say the least.  It’s my first time working with PUL, magnetic closures or metal hardware but it won’t be my last. 

What do you think?  Please let me know. 


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Christmas Advice – Don’t Buy Her Cheap Thread

If you’re gifting someone with a sewing machine this Holiday season, please do not buy them cheap thread. I know that bin near the counter looks like it’s too good to be true, filled with white and black thread to the brim.  It’s akin to findng a diamond in a pile of zircon.
When you understand the impact of cheap thread on a sewing machine you’ll thank me. It will suffice for hand sewn items but please avoid cheap thread for sewing machine use. Sewing thread, especially cottons, have a shelf life. Further, poorly spun, aged thread will dry rot and the fibers will cause machine problems due to loose fiber or repeatedly break in the needle or bobbin area.  So if the spools in the discount bin are dusty, there you go. Leave it there to collect more dust.

Cheap thread will lead to disappointment and the Sewist will think something is wrong with their machine.  This results in costly yet unnecessary sewing machine repair of $75 or more. Often it’s cheap thread.  Their needle will snap.  It’s cheap thread.  The stitches aren’t neat.  It’s cheap thread. Bobbie thread constantly tangles? It’s cheap thread.

Even if you buy her a Walmart sewing machine, pass on the cheap thread and invest in just 2-4 spools of quality thread.

– Smooches 💋<<<