About me

Hi, I am Tracy Stuart-Johnson, aka “The Selfless Seamstress”, sewing workshop instructor, social media influencer, and hopefully an inspiration to your sewing journey.   My journey began with my mother’s instruction.  She was an exceptional seamstress (side gig like me) who made 75% of my clothes from my age of adolescence until I was in my early 20’s.  I remember my excitement when my mom lifted this magnificent vintage black Singer machine out of a cherrywood cabinet.  She would tilt it back to secure the ledge that prevented it from collapsing back into the cabinetry.  Her vintage Singer was handed down to her from my paternal grandmother in the 50’s.  My siblings and I never knew how old it was, however, it ran like a workhorse and was the source of our school clothes.   By the time that I was 12 years old, I was permitted to sew unattended.   My mother taught me how to cut inline pockets (I still love them today), sleeves, slacks and explained how to take measurements. As a teenager, I used existing garments as a method of creating patterns because I never needed one using this technique.  Unfortunately, in the early 80’s I stopped sewing unless it was to mend something for my kids.  Fast forward thirty years later, the sewing bug bit me.  I decided to attend beginner quilt seminars and immersed myself in making crib quilts for various charities (hence, my name).  During my spare time, I began to read and understand sewing patterns, watch videos and hone my skill.  

I hope that one day, I  have an opportunity to hear about your sewing journey!


  1. Awesome God-given talent! Your work will continue to inspire so many! You have me thinking about bringing out ma’s sewing machine! Looking forward to more posts. Love ya!


  2. Hi Tracy,

    My daughter wants to learn how to sew so
    I brought her a machine Brother Project Runway CS 6000i and a link to your website.

    She knows nothing, and I know very little. I remember basics, parts of the machine, how to sew a straight or zigzag line, most of what I do is by hand hems on clothes and curtains or sock puppets for the grands.

    You have inspired me to get my self a machine and just maybe together we will be able to make something.

    I’ll be intouch.

    Thank you!


    1. Let’s arrange some time next month to get together. We can go over various machine parts, stitches that your machine is capable of and what size needle to use with different fabrics Please keep in touch.


  3. Hi what material did you use to make mimigstyle.com regal maxi skirt. I saw your photo on her fan page. Can you use cotton any type?


    1. Actually because it was my first that is a wonderfully airy gauze fabric sold at Joanne’s. Very inexpensive and easy to work with. Because I own a serger, I finished all edges using three spools.


  4. Hey sis. Is it too late for me to order my scarf and hat set and still get the discount? Hope I’m not too late. Please send me the info so I can place my order. Thanks.


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