Summer Floral Dress (An Original)

Last night I began fumbling through boxes of fabric and found a few yards of this cotton floral print that I purchased a year ago that I never used.  It’s a busy print, I know but it’s beautiful, like a watercolor painting.


Well, it was after 9pm and I was on my second glass of Reisling, and fifth slice of pizza.  I didn’t have an appropriate pattern so I began draping it on my dress form in effort to stir my imagination.  Nothing worked for me…


After a number of ideas, I felt that it was best if I kept it simple.  I wanted to display the floral print but I didn’t want too much of it in the bodice so this is the result.   First, draped the fabric on my dress form to get an idea, pinned it, stood back and stared.  Poured another glass and felt, “You really should not be sewing and sipping”.  After what felt like 45 minutes, the light bulb came on and I cut it all (3 yards) in such a way, that I was able to add pockets, armhole interfacing and neck interfacing.  In addition, I was able to finally use the ruffler/gathering foot that my son gave me for Christmas (for my Brother Innov-is 1250D)


Given that this was created after 9pm after three glasses of wine and no pattern, I am damn proud.




Recycled Men’s Long Sleeve Dress Shirt

Six to seven years ago my son needed a shirt and I came home from work with the first thing I could get my hands on.  Ok it’s not a color he appreciated but the tie is nice Obviously he didn’t want to hurt my feelings and admit that he disliked the color or quality so, he placed it on a shelf. 

This morning I found the boxed set buried in some items in his closet.  Mind you , he moved three years ago; shirtless.  

Well…. Mama recycled it.  

Fabric Sample/Stash Tags

One of the smartest things that I have done since I began my sewing journey was to create sample tags.  The cards were created in Microsoft Word. Using a single hole punch and an o-ring, I catalog fabric listing:

  • Manufacturer
  • SKU
  • Price
  • Content
  • Width

Now when I need to order more, I know exactly where I bought the fabric and the price. This also allows me to simply remove the card containing the sample and bring it to the fabric warehouse when coordinating with other fabric.

If you want my template simply email me below.