Forecasters say that there are severe vibrating sounds coming from my sewing room, that will increase in speed between the hours of noon and 7pm. Fabric debris, and thread will be in effect. Stay out of the area. I repeat, stay out of the area. 

Husband should remain calm and wrap up on the sofa with the remote. Tracy’s chill factor will be at an all time high and low visibility of seeing anything except the back of her head and emitting small giggles until she turns the power off and resumes to high attitude conditions.  

Stay tuned for the 6 o’clock news!

Pullover Poncho

A month ago I posted an article on that after nearly  25 years, I picked up my crochet needle again. 

Well my pullover poncho and headband are complete.  It’s superheavy (6.5 – 7 lbs) so I know that it will keep me warm.  As I was crocheting the flower for the shoulder last night, I decided to make an ear warmer to match. 

….Then went on to create a second to match the snud that I made on my knitting loom last week (see previous post)


The Knitting Board All in One 18″ Loom

During the Holidays, my adult daughter and I were shopping and came upon a display of round looms.  I indicated that I would like to try one.  She insisted that I put it back and it was “cheap” LOL

Christmas arrived and she surprised my with a sturdy ADJUSTABLE 18 knitting loom by #knittingboard.  The next day, I dragged her to Michael’s for yarn so that I could try it. Below is my first snud and hat.   

Would I use it again?:  I definitely will use this often this season.  An infinity scarf is on the horizon. 

Difficulty:  Its not difficult.  Looming requires patience.  I suggest that new users watch YouTube videos prior to taking it seriously.  Don’t feel bad about “do overs” for the first two rows before you get the swing of it. 

Pictured: 18″ Knitting Board All in One Knitting Loom made in one weekend.