Faux Suede Sherpa Lined Pet Carrier

I live in the Northeast where winter temps are frigid.   Although I would not bring my new fur baby outdoors in frigid weather, there are times when it’s too chilky and windy for Charlie Parker’s 4.3lb body even when it’s in the 40’s. 

After reviewing pet carriers made for winter temps, I became frustrated with the craftsmanship  and price, so I decided to make my own.  It’s not perfect but given this was my first, it’s ultra warm, has exterior pockets on both sides for my cell/his waste bags/my iPad  or bottled water AND I did it “by eye” (no pattern) , it’s  a winner to me. 

I see that he likes it. 
I started with this 
  And the result is this 
Naturally my label was sewn in.   

I used a 12″ coat zipper on the top and my curve ruler to create  peek-a-boo openings on both sides allowing him to stand and see the world (and breathe)

Meet Charlie Parker, my newest family member (cousin of Sir John Coltrane our MinDoxie and the late Sir Miles Davis my beloved MinPin)  

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