Handmade Swarovski Hematite & Sterling Silver Jewelry

Two years ago, I made the necklace and earrings shown on the top left for my sister-in-law.  I loved the look of the stones combined with the silver hoops.
This weekend, I discovered my box of findings and pliers and made myself a similar set.  Although they differ, I like the fact that my handmade pieces are one of a kind.

Pictured:  Sterling findings, Swarovski hematite and clear crystals with lobster clasp chain.  

Pee Wee Fashion – Butterick B4161

Yesterday after breakfast, the spirit hit me.   It was as if my sewing machines were luring me into my sewing room murmuring “Mother, walk towards to (sewing) light”.   I entered the room with every intention of sewing my neighbors daughter a shorts set but this (to me) defines her.  I pushed the other fabric aside and made this instead.  I’m glad that I did.  The end result: total cuteness!  Just like everything that I sew, I washed it in Tide, dried it with Fabric softener sheets and will deliver it this week.

Amelia Neiman!   I’m delivering another dress for you princess!!

Modifications: Something about Amelia strikes me as fairy princess, eyelets and cute buttons.  I didn’t want to overdo it because polka dots should not be tampered with.  I simply added an eyelet lace trim on the hem.

Would I make it again?: Most definitely.  Anything that I can whip up in 60-90 minutes is a no brainier.  It’s simple and doesn’t require a zipper for those who fear the job of sewing zippers.  It requires one button for the back closure.

Difficulty:  None. I just overthink things no matter how simple it is. As much as I prefer my bodice to have interface and or lining, this vexed me.

If you can recall in a previous post, I have always sewn by eye and patterns are a new challenge to me.  Sewing the facing wasn’t the issue. Closin the front and back facing made me suck my teeth repeatedly.  I like a facing  that is tacked down; not one that constantly sticks out at the nape of your neck or arm holes.  It boggled my brain for a minute.   Once I realized that I was functioning decaffeinated, I had a cup, returned to what I was doing, I wrapped it up quickly and laughed at my impatience.

What do you think?  Yay or nay?


Non Traditional Diaper Bag

My hair stylist, the mother of three boys and  owner of “A Touch of Heaven Salon & Spa” in Bartonsville, PA , keeps my hair looking fabulous. Recently she told me that she is finally expecting a baby girl at the close of the summer. I’m inclined to believe that I’m equally excited because I have another little girl to sew for. 

This morning,  I found some fabric I had stashed and remembered that she said that she wants non-traditional baby items and thought “why not make a diaper bag for the fall?” Below are the results of a black and gold quilt bag that is embellished with gold metallic string.  Once I finish the rest of her baby items, I will post them. 
Oh wait….. I must schedule a hair appointment before she goes on maternity leave! 


Pocket fabric

Interior with 6 pockets in coordinating fabric for bottles, diapers, baby wipes, burp cloths. I love the flat bottom and coordinating colors.  

Close up up interior pockets and yes…my label. 

Side view  (flat bottom)


Pee Wee Fashion – Simplicity (New Look) 6360

Two weeks ago my husband and I were at one of our favorite restaurants in Easton, PA and a couple entered with their adolescent daughter who had on the cutest dress with godets (the triangular pieces of fabric to add flair to a skirt or dress) that caught my eye.

Throughout dinner I kept staring at this dress and smiled because something about the dress reminded me of Amelia, my neighbor Janine’s daughter.  Right then and there, I was inspired to sew!   You see, sewing is a feeling.  When inspiration hits you, you can’t hear, think or process anything else but how to manipulate fabric and guide it through the feed dogs. I had the perfect gingham at home and knew that I wanted to make this for Amelia.

The next day, I found @SewSimplicity New Look 6360 that is very similar to the little girls dress in the restaurant.  What you see here is the end result.

I finished the interfacing, washed the finished garmet on gentle (cold water) pressed it and just delivered it.  Gosh I hope that it fits!

Fabric: Gingham

Notions: one zipper, one hook and eye closure and lightweight interfacing for the arm and neck.
Difficulty: Easy

Modifications:   I hate hemming but I don’t mind hand sewing  other items (go figure) so I took the lazy route. Using my serger, I finished the raw edge .25″ because gingham frays and rolled the bottom once using a straight stitch.  For a 7/8 girls, this called for a 16″ invisible zipper for the back.  I could not find one so I used a 20″ and cut the end after stay-stitching.