I know for a fact that I need help (and Jesus)…

I went to my office today. Yeah…. Go on. I know what you’re thinking: “she works?” Yes, I happen to be an IT Risk Manager by day believe it or not. My mind though is wandering all day and I suck my teeth every time someone calls my office or IM’s me.

What next? Charmeuse? Gingham? Ikat knit? Do I want a fitted waist or elastic? All day I longed to sew. Every time my manager walked over to me and said “Hey Trace…”, the Chris Tucker in me is screaming “Man! Don’t you see I’m in sew zone? Aren’t my eyebrows bunched? Yeah! Well, I’m thinking! Go back to your desk man!” Suddenly my face gives it away and I give him the evil “Cookie” eye and he slithers away apologetically. (Sorry dude)

I want to do right and although it’s my first day leaving my lab in 5 days, I’d rather be home creating, cutting, pinning, humming ecstatically as I piece garments together.

It’s after 5 and know that I can’t turn back the time but if I only had 3 more hours of sunlight, in front of my sewing machine, this would be a beautiful thing. I thank God that I work remotely tomorrow. At least I can shave off time behind the wheel to sew and can sew during lunch.

Yeah, I have issues but they say the first step is admitting that you have a problem. I’m well aware of my issues. It could be worse. It could be drugs and until someone goes to the Betty Ford clinic for sewing addiction, I do not have a problem but I do need Jesus.

Pray for me…

– Smooches 💋

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