I’m going on hiatus again.

It was a great two weeks chatting it up with family and friends but thanks to the FedEx guy, chica is going underground til:

1. I run out of fabric

2. I run out of thread

3. There’s a major power failure, or

4. I run out of ideas

I have officially turned off my Twitter and Facebook light until I create a minimum of three new additional garments. It’s like Christmas Day every time the FedEx guy delivers my fabric. I don’t know which one I want to sew first. It’s 1969 and I’m in my parents living room opening gifts. (the Barbie doll or the tea set?). Mommy, sedate me quick. I am experiencing fabric euphoria. What style? A skirt, sexy blouse, dress with a side slit, palazzo pants??

Aw heck! Grandma is going to need a glass of wine and her asthma pump. I’m so excited I’m wheezing. Breathe, Tracy, breathe

Til I post again…

💋 Smooches

I’m Going on Hiatus

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